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Mechanical Seal Kit (before 2009)


This is a brand new compatible Stuart Turner Pump Spare Part.

Our compatible spare part suppliers are:

Delivering Excellence throughout Ireland and the UK




Package Content:

– 1 mechanical seal
– 1 steel washer
– 1 sand paper
– 2 non return valves
– 2 drum seals
– 2 cooper tube seals
– 4 flexi hose washers

Compatible with the following pump models:

Monsoon 1.5 Bar Negative & Positive Head
Monsoon 2.0 Bar Negative & Positive Head
Monsoon 2.5 Bar Negative & Positive Head
Monsoon 3.0 Bar Negative & Positive Head
M330N Negative Head
M550N Negative & positive head
ST55 Positive Head Pumps
ST66 Positive Head Pumps
ST77 Positive Head Pumps
ST15 Positive Head Pumps
ST20 Positive Head Pumps


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