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Choosing your washing machine

When choosing a new washing machine, there are many things to consider:

How big – how much space do you have for your washing machine and how much do you want to fit in there.  From small machines (up to 5kg load) to bigger machines (9-10kg load) and ones you get in laundrettes (up to 15kg load).

Brand – do you have a favourite brand; always buy Japanese (Samsung) or German (Bosch)….?

Price range – washing machines are now available new from €150 and the go up to €1000s of Euro.  But when choosing and you have a budget, say €400, you want to get the best value for your money.

Energy efficiency – these days with energy prices rising on a monthly basis, it’s all about how much power does your machine us.  There are extremely energy efficient machines to ones that ooze inefficiency.

How good are they really?  There are so many on the market – how do you know you’re choosing the right one?

Do you really need all the ‘extras’ expensive machines offer – touch-screens, tons more washing cycles, a fancy way to add washing powder, scale prevention etc.?

All things to think about in choosing the right machine for you.  Often a small inexpensive machine will do just the job for a couple that  use it a couple of times a week at the most.  Whereas on the other hand, a big family, lots of kids, dirty pillows, blankets, towels that need regular washing, a larger more robust machine would be warranted – getting a small inexpensive machine in this case would be a false economy.

In addition to looking at the above, there are many resources on the internet that allow one to view reviews from other users or experts that have tried and tested the various washing machines.  This may give you more insight which brands are preferred and which particular models hold up well.

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